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The Top 5 Energy-Efficient Appliances for Your Home 

When looking for the best home appliances, homeowners often consider price, performance, and durability. However, it’s crucial to take energy efficiency into account as well. The rising cost of electricity is responsible for eating up the monthly budget of many homes in the US. Yet, energy-efficient home appliances remain unchecked. In this blog post, we will seethe top 5 energy-efficient appliances for your home. In the light of this blog post, you can make an informed decision when you go shopping for home appliances next time. 

5 Energy-Efficient Appliances

Your home is your temple of peace and serenity; however, a hefty electric bill can spin your head. Below we have shared the 5 best energy-efficient appliances that will reduce your electricity bill and meet your requirements. 

1.  Dishwashers

Picturing a house without a dishwasher is a nightmare for most people. If you have a family of more than 4 people, your sink will often be filled with dirty dishes. The most energy-efficient dishwasher you can find is from Miele. With more than 30 EPA-approved dishwashers, Miele is the number one choice for consumers looking to save their electricity bill. 

2.  Dehumidifier 

A dehumidifier is necessary for overly humid homes; however, most dehumidifiers would greatly increase your energy consumption. The two driving factors for an energy-efficient dehumidifier are portability and capacity. You should always choose a dehumidifier that can cover maximum areas of your house and is easy to carry around. 


3. Refrigerator 

The best brand for energy-efficient refrigerators is Blomberg from Beko. It has an energy consumption of 294 kWh per year. 


4. Air Conditioners

The top 3 energy efficient Air conditioners are made by Midea. Its U-shaped AC is approved by the EPA as the most energy-efficient AC in the market. If you want to beat the heat and save on your electricity bill, then you should consider shopping for a Midea AC.  


5. Furnaces

The most energy-efficient furnace on the market is made by AirEase. According to EPA standards, the AirEase A97USMV has a consumption of299 Kwh, making it 20 percent less than other furnaces. It can convert 97percent fuel to heat and efficiently adjust to the outside temperature, keeping your house warm during winter. 



The Bottom Line

Ignoring energy efficiency while shopping for home appliances can adversely affect your budget in the long run. You might save money on an affordable appliance, but its energy consumption will eat through your monthly budget. The brands and their products mentioned above can drastically reduce your energy consumption and save you from spending your entire income on bills.Plus, the EPA has tested and approved these appliances, so you don’t have to worry about their credibility. 

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