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Steven Spielberg Revives "West Side Story"


The first “West Side Story” film was released in 1961, but the story will continue nearly 40 years after the premiere with a 2021 remake. The “West Side Story” 2021 revival will be led by director Steven Spielberg and released the first sneak peek trailer during the Oscars.



The new film will stay true to the classic “West Side Story” featuring a dynamic cast with all the song and dance featured in the original. "West Side Story” draws inspiration from the classic Shakespeare play Romeo & Juliet with a story of star-crossed lovers torn between two rival gangs, the Jets and the Sharks. 

The new adaptation of the beloved musical was filmed around New York from Flatbush to Fort Tryon Park, with the production inspired by the energy and beauty of the multicultural city. The production for the new “West Side Story” wrapped production in October 2019 but has experienced a delay in release due to the global COVID-19 pandemic pushing the release date to December 10, 2021.  


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