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Earn Passive Income With A Vending Machine Business


Well over a year into the pandemic, more Americans than ever are captivated by the potential of earning passive income. One way to do so that is gaining popularity is buying vending machines or even starting a full-blown vending machine business. Vending machines are also popular now as a result of the pandemic, with not as many people wanting to come in physical contact with others to get items they need. As a result, there is an opportunity for money to be made here. 


Technically, all you have to do to start a vending machine business is buy the machine and products, and get clearance to place it in a location. However, it is more complicated to become profitable doing this. You must be able to pick the right product for the right location to be successful, which takes some research. 


Generally speaking, look for places with a lot of foot traffic, but also less competition. Places like malls, college campuses, and office parks are good examples that tend to get high usage. You obviously will need to tell the owner of the property your plans to place a vending machine on their property as well, which means you may have to pay a share of your earnings to them. This is fine, but make sure you settle on agreeable terms with them, if you don’t your profits can be severely minimized to the point where the vending machine is so longer worth it.
You will have to run your vending machine like a true business once you have it set up. Although it is passive income in that it does not need to be managed every day, you still will need to check up on it and have a plan to restock its products consistently and handle any maintenance issues that spring up. Make sure to have a plan set up to where you can collect your money frequently as well and handle any payment concerns. If you can find the right location, the right product, and stay diligent in taking care of the machine, this can be an excellent side hustle in 2021. 

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