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Tips For Your DIY Haunted House


Haunted houses are an excellent way for people to explore their creative sides during the Halloween season. Many people are into simply visiting them, but others want to be the mastermind behind a good haunted house as well. If you are in this boat, you likely are looking for inspiration to make it as scary as possible. Here are a few ideas for your DIY Haunted House. 

Set Up in The Creepiest Building Possible

One way to ensure that your haunted house is scary is by setting it up in a building that is already scary on its own. We understand that it may be difficult to access every building, but your basement may just do the trick. This will help create a more naturally terrifying essence in your haunted house. 

Base Your Haunted House Off of The Building

Now that you have a good venue settled on for your haunted house, you need to be able to design the features of your house around this building. Pay attention to the most eerie parts of your venue and what you can highlight somewhat naturally. Make these factors the centerpiece of what is supposed to be so scary about your haunted house. 

Use Fog to Your Advantage

Fog inside haunted houses has many purposes. For starters, it is perfect to raise the feelings of uneasiness that the visitors have. They are likely already scared and waiting for something to jump out, but once their vision is now blurred and their sense of direction is skewed, they will be even more terrified. It also can be used nicely to try and hide the weaker points of your haunted house that you could not figure out how to decorate.   

Focus On Your Narrative

You need to make sure that there is a gradual escalation to your haunted house’s story that slowly raises the blood pressure of the visitors. It is important to time your planned scares accordingly as well. Doing this right will create an emotional investment in the haunted house that would not exist if everything were simply random. 

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