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Branded vs. Generic Products: Is There Really a Difference? 

Branded products have been around for a long time. They're branded with the company's name and logo, which makes them recognizable in stores where they are sold. But what about generic products? Are branded products better than generic ones? Or is it just all marketing hype? In this post, we will compare branded and generic products to determine whether or not there's any difference at all between them! 

What's the Difference Between Branded and Generic Products?

Branded products are branded with the company's name. The difference in branded vs. generic products is that branded goods are recognizable as being of high quality, whereas generic ones may not be recognized at all. Branded goods have been around for a long time, but we're seeing an increase in branded product lines flooding into grocery stores these days. If you think you are paying too much for a tiny boost in quality, think again. Below we have shared a few differences between branded and generic products so you know why branded products are more preferred. 

1.  Branded Products Build Trust 

There can be a lot of marketing hype surrounding brands - you'll see them on TV often or hear about them through word-of-mouth advertising campaigns (typically from friends). However, branded products are recognized as trusted products by their consumers. Moreover, if anything goes wrong, you can sue the company. However, buying a generic product doesn't have any guarantee and relevant information on the packaging. 

2.  Branded Products Are Transparent 

Brands have a responsibility towards their customers, and they can't let them down because their target audience is well-educated and informed. Therefore, branded products have their ingredients mentioned on the back. This is done to win consumer trust and promote transparency. 


3. Branded Products Have Superior Quality

Generally speaking, branded products offer higher quality than their counterparts because the money spent advertising them doesn't go to waste. Hence, branded products use refined ingredients, high-quality material, and hygienic processes to manufacture their goods. They may be more expensive, but you'll get what you pay for. 


4. Branded Food and Beverages Have Better Taste

Branded food and beverage items often taste better because they are made with higher quality ingredients or a special recipe that the brand owns. For example, Lucky Charms cereal is sugary without tasting too sugared-over. Generic equivalents like corn flakes just don't have as much flavor! 


The Bottom Line

Some people might not prefer using branded products because of their high prices. However, by paying more money, you get a reliable premium product. Moreover, brands are responsible for anything that goes wrong with their product, and they respond to their customer's needs swiftly. 

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